Writing Great Copy

Important tips for great copywriting (courtesy of Donia Christine)

Your text plays a vital role in attracting the right kind of client.

Tell the story of who you are.  Go into detail about who you’re looking for and tell the reader what your time together will be like.

Make sure that your grammar is perfect and that your personality is coming across in the text you write.

Be truthful in your writing.  There are many details you will want to leave out, such as the real details of your life that can lead someone back to your real name, address, etc.  Apart from the basic safety precautions, you should be truthful about the fun stuff.  Don’t create a whole new likes/dislikes system for your persona.  Your persona is still you.  If you fail to show a real side of yourself in your text, you are very likely to have a disconnect with the client when you meet for your appointment.

Keep your sentences short and simple.  A good rule of thumb is 17 words or less.  Good copy writing means that an 8 year old should be able to read it and follow along.  This isn’t to suggest that your clients are on a second grade reading level, or that you will want to attract simple-minded clients.  You want to keep things clear for the reader.  Short simple sentences will ensure your client is engaged and that their eye moves down the page with ease.  Your client should not have to stop and re-read a confusing sentence.

Make it unique to you.  When you are setting yourself apart from the rest, you will start to get more attention than the rest.

Make it fun to read.  Just imagine if you were looking for a date and had to sort through hundreds of ads that all had the same boring text.  *Yawn*

Get personal.  Think of who is reading your text and write it to them.  When your viewer feels the personal connection, they will get caught up in the moment.  It will actually feel, for them, like they are already in session with you.  When this happens, it is actually more difficult for them to not call you.  If you can get personal enough in your text to make them feel like the session has already started, the chances of them booking an appointment increase significantly.

*  A great tip is to think of who your favorite client is and write your text directly to them.  Revisit your customer avatar (the Ideal Client page) and write your entire ad copy specifically for them.

Word your sentences as if you are speaking to one person, not several.

Liberally apply the word “you” and rarely use the word “I”.

Write your “Ideal Client” a personal letter introducing yourself and asking for an appointment.  Tell them about yourself, what you do and how you think you can help them.  Really believe you are speaking to one person and add personal touches.

How to Write Your Own Seductive Copy

* Magic Words

* Activating Words

* Open-ended questions

* Benefit filled

* Getting into their head

Magic Words

Did you know you could use magic words to enhance your readers’ state?  Simply by choosing to use certain words instead of others, you can subtly influence your reader to presuppose what is going to happen, in a way that is practically unidentifiable.

So what is your magic word?

While there are great magic words out there used for selling, we’re going to focus on the magic words used for persuasion, since persuasion is more closely linked with seduction.

The most persuasive magic words to use are:

Naturally, Automatically, Understand, Wonder, Experience, Before, Discover, During, After, Among, Expand, Beyond, Causes, Because, Now, Stop, Unlimited, Readily, Infinite, Continue, Finally, Immeasurable, Intuitive, Spontaneous, Instinctively, Boundless, Already, Realize, Aware, Know, Think, Feel, Puzzle, Speculate, Accomplish, Fulfill, Grasp, Reconsider, Consider, Assume, Feel, Sense, Advise, Notice, Early, Highest, Foremost, Current, Continue, Eventually, Again, Along, Around, Toward, Under, Uncover, Proceed, Expand, Develop, Kindles, Since, Invokes, Settles, Stimulates, Creates, Activate, Arouse, Encourage, Sensual, Inspire

To use these magic words effectively, you will want to add them sparingly into pre-written great copy.

Let’s pretend that your current ad text is as follows:

“I will greet you at the door, welcoming you, wearing a sexy smile.”

Use of a magic word:

“Naturally, when I greet you at my door, I will welcome you, wearing only a smile.”

Activating words:

Remember when you answered the question on your Ideal Client quiz about what types of books and newspapers your client may be attracted to?  Using the language of your client is a powerful way to connect with them.  For example, if your client is a stockbroker they probably read the financial section of your major local paper or the Wall Street Journal.  You should read the same publications and take note of the language that is used regularly.

Open Ended Questions

What is an open-ended question?  An open-ended question cannot be answered with just one word.  It draws out a more meaningful response from a person and activates them to use their feelings in order to answer.

Use of open-ended questions in your text is an effective way to build rapport with your reader.  Once you start building rapport, your reader feels a connection to you.  This increases the likelihood of contact for a face-to-face interaction.

Here is an example:

Closed Ended Question:

Do you like to have fun?

Open Ended Question:

Tell me what you like to do for fun …

Open-ended questions evoke the emotional side of a reader.  It requires the reader to have a personal investment in the moment and the more you can do that the likelihood of them calling you to book an appointment increases.

Stating Benefits After Facts

Another effective technique you can use in your ad copy is to fill your reader’s head full of benefits.  Any time you have to state a fact about something, follow up by telling the reader how it is going to benefit them.  This will cause your client to be more engaged in the content and have fewer objections.


Fact:  My incall is located extremely close to the Fruitvale Bart Station

Reader Benefit:  This makes it quite easy for you to visit me without having to drive.  The train stops practically at my front door.  If you do decide to drive, there is ample secure parking in the station’s lot.

Get Into Their Head

The best seductive copy doesn’t come from “magic” words, or open-ended questions, or even when you present tons of benefits.  The best seductive copy is written when you figure out how to get out of your own head and into the head of your ideal client and write from there.  Once you are able to step outside of your head and get inside your reader’s head, you’ll start writing naturally seductive copy.