Sample Copy ~ Screening Protocol



Security and privacy are very important if we are to establish a safe, open, and honest dialogue. I am an independent provider welcoming you into my studio and it is necessary for my safety to verify everyone I meet.

Your privacy is a primary concern to me. ALL personal details shared with me, without exception, will be handled discreetly, securely and confidentially.

Please review the following carefully before requesting an appointment:

To begin the process, please let me know the type of session you are interested in ~ Bondassage, Elysium, or BDSM ~ and the date, time and length of the session you are requesting.  It would be helpful if you could tell me a bit about yourself and how you became interested in this type of play.

Please include your name, phone number and one of the following screening options:

Provider Reference ~  A reference from another well established provider whom you have seen in the past 6 months. I will need her name, contact information and a link to her current ad or website.

Employment Verification ~  If you have a prominent career presence online with your name and picture, you may send me the link to your website. If not, allow me to call the main number at your company where I may discreetly ask for you.

If you are a novice, or if providing references is challenging for you, provide a phone number and a good time to call and we will find another way to verify your identity and my safety with you.

I require a brief phone conversation with you to see if we’re compatible before scheduling your session.


If you are a client or prospective client requesting an appointment please make sure you send:

NEW CLIENT REQUESTS (You are not yet cleared for an appointment)
  • At least 1 (2 preferred) references from well established providers.
  • Where you would like to schedule a session (Tahoe or the Bay Area)
  • You age, height, weight, profession.
  • Your RB Handle if you have one.
  • What you like about yourself.
  • One accomplishment you are proud of in your life.
CLEARED  NEW CLIENT REQUESTS (you have been told you are clear to schedule but have not had a session) let me know:
  • What kind of session you want to book (Deep Tissue, FBSM, Elysium, Adventures).
  • How long a session you want to book (Starting at 75 minutes with 15 minute increments).
  • Three (preferred) day/time combinations which you are available.
  • What kind of session you want to book (Deep Tissue, FBSM, FBSM+ if you have been invited only,Elysium, Adventures)
  • Length of session you are requesting (60 minutes minimum)
  • Day/Time you are requesting
  • Updates to any information (new phone numbers, email, etc…)
I look forward to further communications.