Keep Your Marriage Hot | 13 Tips For Hot Married Sex

Keep Your Marriage Hot | 13 Tips For Hot Married Sex


How to Make Lust Last: 13 Ways to Keep Married Sex Hot and Sizzling

  1. Be open to a quicky in the laundry room.
  2. Incorporate sex toys into your sex life.
  3. Make having sex a priority. Decide together the preferred frequency for each of you.
  4. Confide in each other your fantasies and sex “bucket list”.
  5. Read everything you can find about married sex, sex for singles, sex lives, and swingers. (Trash magazines, online blogs, sex advice websites.) Share!
  6. Look around your home for “bondage on a budget” resources. Look for laundry clothes-pins, sashes, makeup brushes, pipe cleaners, belts. (Anything that brings texture sensations to your bedroom.)
  7. Schedule date nights that always end in sex or skin-on-skin cuddling.
  8. Be a yes in life; be a yes in the bedroom, kitchen, hot tub, drive-in, back yard and garage.
  9. Have your husband choose a sexy outfit and wear it on your next date night under your outfit.
  10. Text each other some naughty text messages to create anticipation.
  11. Throw out all of your stained, holey pajamas and invest in NEW bedroom clothes to bring in new energy to your boudoir.
  12. Set a timer and make-out with each other for five minutes before you touch each other’s hot zones.
  13. Pretend you do not know anything about your partner. Have him show you and tell you what he enjoys.

Keep The Passion Alive In Your Marriage

Sitting down over a relaxed dinner or a nice drive can be the perfect time to acknowledge to each other that the longer you are together, the more difficult it is for each of you to keep the creativity flowing in your bedroom. That’s ok. That is the human condition.  The difference is that you two are committed to keeping the passion alive. This will be like back in the old days when you first met! 

You Know the Importance of Sex in a Marriage

When you have quality time face to face, you can talk about some of these 13 Ideas for Spicing Up Your Married Sex Life. Print these out and check them off as you try each one. Make a rating system and highlight the tips you REALLY want to try again.  Find out which ideas your partner loved most and be sure to keep track of those, too. Eventually, add some new items of your own to the list and remember to have fun. Sex is fun and funny. Giggling sometimes comes with the territory. Keep a playful attitude and your married sex hot!

Sexy and Kinky Tips for Married Couples

We have so many more tips we are excited to share with you via our video course.

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We Would Love To Teach You How To Be Kinky

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Kinky Tips & Techniques For Married Couples Learning To Be Kinky

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