How to Give a Full Body Massage That’s Sensually Orgasmic

It’s no secret that almost everyone loves massages.

A sensual massage can allow you and your partner to explore boundaries of intimacy while serving as your erotic foreplay before sex.

It will no doubt spice up your bond and introduce new sensual delights that you’ve never experienced before.

The only thing is, there are more people out there who know how to receive it than give it.

A lot of people think that they have to know all about massage styles and therapy first before being able to give a good, sensual massage. However, this is not really the case since all you’ll really need is an open attitude to exploring the body.

After that, perfecting a massage method that will connect you to his or her body becomes a much easier endeavor.

If you want to level up your game and be able to learn how to give a killer body massage, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are just some of the most essential techniques to giving a full body massage.

Set the Mood

How to Give a Full Body Massage That's Sensually OrgasmicThere’s nothing like the right mood to set the page of a massage session.

Since this particular massage is supposed to be sensual, you really have to make sure your partner is comfortable.

You can do this by having a warm, cozy ambience that readily puts them at ease.

A snug and inviting setting can easily be done by setting up a dim atmosphere by lighting  some candles. If you want to take things up a notch, light aromatherapy candles instead to give an added fragrance to the room.

If you want, you can also play light, relaxing music in the background. Ambient sounds such as the wind or sea waves playing as well as soul and blues are great for a multidimensional massage session.

All of the above will cater to your partner’s senses so you can provide a complete sensual experience.

On top of making the room inviting, it adds a romantic vibe which is also a key part of foreplay.

You should also never forget to have a place to do your massage. A flat, firm surface is perfect in this case but without that, you can always opt for the good, ‘ol trusty bed.

Have a handy towel for him or her to use for cover and you’re pretty much all set.

Use a Great Massage Oil

A massage session isn’t one until you have a couple of things handy such as your oil. It lubricates the skin so you can run your hands smoothly on any part of the body.

When it comes to massage oils, you have a lot of options at your disposal. From jojoba oil to argan oil and baby oil, the list is really endless.

You can also choose to use oils specifically formulated for massages. A few ones we recommend are warming oils and calming massage oils that are blends of different oils to produce its claimed effect.

The great thing about massage oils is that they’re available pretty much everywhere.

You can buy one at your local grocery or department store, among others.

Learn a Couple of Handy Basic Techniques

Once you have all the items you need, it’s time to be proficient in a few massage techniques.

If you want an easy to learn method, start with a nice back massage known as Shiatsu.

The key here is to rub the knots in your partner’s back using your thumbs. All you need to do is firmly press on the area and massage in a swiping or circular motion. Adding a slight pressure is essential (make sure it’s not too hard initially to cause pain) so you can loosen any muscles in the area.

You might want to vary the direction of your thumbs as well so you can assess what he or she likes best.

In cases where pressure from your thumb isn’t enough, you can always try using your elbow lightly instead.

Use Compression and Strokes

Incorporating compression and strokes in your massage are excellent techniques that are commonly used.

Adding compression is as simple as pressing on a specific area harder in order to loosen the muscles and increase the blood flow. This not only results in a more relaxing feeling is a superb way of warming things up.

Aside from the back, this type of technique can be used on the buttocks area as well.

When it comes to stroking techniques, you’ll have to use long, gentle movements using your hands.

Make sure to sweep your hands along the entire portion of the body part you’re massaging. It’s important to keep your fingers together while running your hands in the area. It’s also important to keep the thumbs parallel while the palms have full contact with the body part.

This makes for an immensely pleasing feeling that will leave her wanting for more.

More Advanced Techniques

Now that you have the basics down pat, it’s time to get to know more complex moves. A method you might want to try is friction which is ideally applied to the areas of hands and feet.

The main thing about this technique is that it doesn’t use oil in order to create more friction.

It’s a type of stroke that’s more focused since it’s done on just a small area of your partner’s hands or feet.

All you need to do is to repeatedly stroke an area (you can pick up the pace here), not exceeding an inch in diameter, until it warms up and builds friction. Depending on your partner’s preference, you might want to start out gently.

Another fine technique to try is kneading. It’s the fitting approach especially if you want to get deep into the muscles of particularly fleshy areas of the body like the buttocks and thighs.

Nevertheless, kneading can be done anywhere in the body depending on the firmness or pressure you’re exerting.

Kneading is a baking technique which is often used when making bread. To recreate this moving, just grasp and lift slightly the specific body part you’re massaging. Use your palms to press down on the area, followed by your fingers and then lift upward gently.

That’s about it. All of the suggested moves go together well and can be used in varying combinations.

To give you an example, start with a Shiatsu massage on the shoulders and then add a bit of oil as you stroke downwards toward the back area. Continue stroking until you reach the buttocks area and then move on to the thighs and calves after a minute or two on each part.

Incorporate a bit of gentle friction on the soles of your partner’s feet. By the end of the massage session, you’ll have him or her completely purring with pleasure!

Starting the Sensual Massage

Once you’ve completed the setup and learning required for your sensual massage session, it’s now time for the application part.

We’ll be breaking how to work your partner’s body from head to toe.

Head Massage

You won’t need oil when you do a head massage. It’s an especially relaxing massage and makes for a good starting area.

All you have to do is ask your partner to lie down on a pillow on her head on the massage area or have him or her sit. You can then proceed to start rubbing on the forehead and then the temples.

The next best step is to run your fingers through his or her hair and apply a tender, downward pressure.

You can then massage the whole scalp after and add a bit of spice later on by kissing the ears which is an erogenous zone for many.

Shoulder, Back, and Neck Massage

Massaging the areas above no doubt results in a very relaxed feeling. Focusing on these areas can certainly heighten the sensualness of the evening.

For this, your partner has to lie face down with the back exposed. Pour a few drops of oil on our hands and warm it up before touching his or her back. Start with long, gentle strokes on the shoulders or the upper part of the back and slowly work your way down lower.

Alternate this with a bit of Shiatsu and kneading of the shoulders. You can add some gentle neck stroking to the mix and your sensual rubdown is pretty much complete.


The butt is one of the most erotic areas of the body and massaging it will no doubt pave the way for an extremely sensual night.

To start, just place your hands on his or her mounds and massage in a circular motion. Gradually increase the pressure as you go along and apply the kneading technique mentioned in the previous section.

Repeat for a few times and move on to other parts of the body.


When massaging the legs, pay particular attention on the calves and thighs. Apply a light kneading technique and caress tenderly using your fingertips. You can also add pressure as you massage along the area as long as you don’t much pressure on sensitive parts such as the knee pits (back of the knees).