Flogging can be an incredibly sensual technique, and it’s easy to learn but at first, it can be a bit intimidating.

When you learn different techniques to use a flogger and your partner is blindfolded (so they have no idea what you are using), it’s incredibly hot.

So here are your “get started” tips from a pro:

When you first start out, it’s easiest to use a shorter flogger ~ I recommend keeping the tails less than 12” for ease of use and for safety reasons.
Practice your strokes on a pillow to gain confidence and skill before introducing it to your lover.
Start with something soft ~ rabbit fur, deerskin, elk. If you want to increase the intensity later, do NOT hit harder ~ your accuracy tends to go out the window. Switch to a more intense flogger (braided tails, rubber, etc.).
Start by introducing the flogger to the body by dragging it over the skin. You’ll always want to start with lighter strokes, progressing to heavier blows if these are well-received.

Here are three of my *best* flogging techniques:

Single Stroke:

Stand squarely and stand tall.
Raise the arm holding the flogger towards the ceiling, holding the tails of the flogger with your other hand, gathering them into your palm and tugging gently.
Next, you’re going to do a GENTLE drop to check the accuracy of where you’re hitting. You may need to move your body closer to or farther away from the person you’re flogging.
If you’re aiming the tails at the lower part of the buttocks, you’ll want to either place a towel or your hand to cover the genitals or it can give a big ouch.
When you’re confident that you’ll be hitting exactly where you want, it’s time to start. Hit once, wait a few seconds, then strike again. You can build up speed, or intensity, or both.

Drop and Drag:

Now that you’ve learned the single drop, you can layer sensation for your partner.
After you strike, drag your flogger down the body as slowly as possible.
This is a lovely sensual variation to include in between the single stroke or the infinity stroke.

Infinity Stroke:

This is a cyclic, flowing stroke.
Imagine an infinity sign (or a sideways figure 8).
Starting above the body, trace this design in the air.
When you’re comfortable with this, bring the flogger down to the body.
Create a continuous motions of a sideways figure 8 on your lover’s body.
If you want to add additional mystery, go up and down the body and walk around the body with your figure 8 stroke.