Elysium Sequence



  • Fur mitts / Fur flogger
  • Silicone basting brushes / makeup brushes (use in one direction)
  • Feathers
  • Satin Pillowcases
  • Silky scarves
  • Swatches of fabric ~ cashmere, velvet, fleece
  • Tenga Eggs (make a lovely parting gift)
  • Hands, arms, body parts
  • Mule tape or satin cord
  • Mindfold blindfold or silk eye pillow. Put a scarf under client’s head, eye pillow wrapped in kleenex (or buy a couple of the eye pillow cases) on eyes and tie scarf over eye pillow to secure it. Headphones on top Mindfold link:
  • Hot packs ~ Unipack (rectangular pack) and neck pillow (use face down if there is enough space between the shoulders and the headphones)
  • 2 hot oil flip top or pump containers (keep them in the hot cabinet or your thermal case and exchange them when they cool) and/or warm Biotone Dual Purpose Creme.

Preparing for a Session

  • Heat room
  • Have restraints ready
  • Wastebasket / plastic bags for disposal
  • Supplies ~ gloves, finger cots, tissues, wet wipes, cough drops (I like Ricolas ~ they help keep the sinuses open), small clock, extra batteries, safety scissors, flashlight, bendy straws for water, mints
  • 6+ warm wet towels for cleanup in hot cabinet (or place in plastic bag and microwave 2 minutes, then place in thermal bag to keep warm)
  • Heat hot packs in microwave and wrap in large towel to keep them warm (or put in thermal bag) or place in hot cabinet
  • Extra dry towels for clean up and vulva covering
  • Blanket for cool down
  • Warm Biotone Clear Results oil in 2 separate flip top or pump bottles.  Rotate them in hot box to always have warm oil on hand
  • Warm Biotone Dual Results Cream / lube / castor oil / for anal massage
  • Check nails ~ file if necessary (I like to file the skin around my nails as well)
  • Pillow for under hips / head
  • Optional:  Rolled up towel or bolster for ankles while on stomach, or for women while face up
  • Turn on music and check volume on headphones
  • Light candles
  • Water / tea for yourself
  • Breathe and smile 🙂


  • Ask client to lie face down on the table.  Place a pillow horizontally under their lower hips/groin region.  Optional: place a rolled up towel or bolster for their ankles to rest on.
  • Check position of face cradle
  • Put blindfold on (either the Mindfold or a silky scarf)
  • Put headphones on ~ have them check the volume and head placement
  • (Men) Reach between legs and pull penis down so it points towards feet (but still on pillow)
  • Spread legs and tie ankles to the table legs (not the cross bars) with mule tape or thick silk cord. video link here demonstrating knot
  • WOMEN ~ take a small dry folded towel and cover the vaginal opening to absorb the oil leaking down from the ass
  • Tie wrists to the front legs of the massage table if their arms are resting perpendicular to the body, or to the foot-end table legs if their arms are at the sides of their body.
  • Begin by resting one hand on the heart and the other on the sacrum. Lightly hold while paying attention to client’s breathing and eventually breathing with him/her for several breaths.
  • Lightly stroke up and down the body to connect.
  • Rock the body side to side from the upper back down to the feet and up again.
  • Begin stroking using soft things ~ fur mitts, satin pillowcase, feathers, your hair ~ down & up the entire body.
  • Apply hot oil to the back ~ pour into cupped palm and, using the fingertips of your other hand, “sprinkle it” over back, spread oil down back
  • Place hot pack horizontally on sacrum, neck pillow on neck (if there is space)
  • Massage left shoulder down to scapula / arm / hand
  • Move hot pack vertically up between shoulders
  • Generously apply oil down the crack of the ass and over the genitals ~ massage  genitals
  • Move hot pack back to lower back horizontally
  • Move back up to the head of the table and massage right shoulder/ arm/hand
  • Slowly and lightly tease and play with ass/genitals
  • Remove hot pack
  • Move back up to the head of the massage table and massage down the back
  • Massage butt muscles slowly and deeply.  Vary your intensity and keep it speed of slowness.

(gloves or finger cots on)

  • Start slow, light anal/rosebud massage (external only).  This is where I put on the latex gloves, lube up with lots of Biotone Dual Purpose Cream/oil/castor oil/lube, and start to do some very slow and gentle external anal massage.  External massage only for first time clients (it will give them incentive to return).    Video link here

(gloves/finger cots off)

  • Massage the legs and the feet from top to bottom
  • Remove the neck pillow (if used)
  • (Optional)Wipe down the body with warm wet towels and dry them
  • Untie restraints, remove the headphones and ask them to turn over and move down on the table.  Remove pillow from under their hips, flip it to the clean side, and place under their head.


  • Check how the room temperature is for them.  Ask if they need water or kleenex to blow their nose.
  • Put the mindfold or eye pillow tied with scarf (see below*) on, replace headphones
  • Place their arms resting on the table at the side of their body. Tie wrists to the foot-end table legs.  Make sure that the tension is soft and there is no pulling on their wrist.  Check to see that you can put two fingers between the restraint and the skin.
  • Tie ankles to the table legs. DO NOT tie the legs if you’re going to be climbing up in between them later.
  • Women:  place a rolled up towel or bolster under their knees for easier access to their genitals (This is optional ~ if draping the legs over yours later, then skip)
  • Lightly stroke up and down the entire front of the body with hands
  • Slowly rock the entire body side to side starting at the shoulders. Progress down to the feet and back up again.
  • Use fur mitts /feathers/fur flogger slowly across entire body. Remember to include the head, hands and bottoms of their feet.
  • Apply hot oil (sprinkle) to the chest and torso and massage from neck to groin, including the arms. Women:  give slow, heartfelt attention to the breasts. Try to have contact with the genitals as often and as much as possible.
  • Massage legs and feet one at a time. According to Taoist principles, the little toes on each foot are directly connected to the genitals.  Slow rolling of the baby toes is delicious.  The points around the ankle bones are directly related to the pelvic region. The arch of the foot deserves extra attention.
  • Wrap feet in hot towels (after you’ve massaged both of them)
  • Move up to the top of the body and massage the neck and shoulders.  Pay special attention to the sides of the neck.  Be mindful of the headphones.
  • Remove hot towels from feet and dry them.
  • Begin focused genital massage using any combination of these working positions:
  • Work from the side of the table
  • Kneel on the table between their legs
  • Sit on the table between their legs and drape your legs over theirs, keeping your feet on the table between their arms and chest
  • Straddle the table, sitting between their legs,  and drape their legs over yours (keep their feet on the table)
  • Massage cock/balls/rosebud slowly for an extended period of time.  Slowly. Really slowly.  Really really slowly.  Use Tenga Eggs (optional).
  • When ready, either remove the headphones and coach them through the clench and hold, or help them experience ecstatic release.
  • Rest and hold for a moment.
  • Wipe genitals with a hot towel (cool it to a comfortable temperature before placing it on the body) and wrap the towel around their genitals.  Place another hot towel on their chest.
  • Untie hands (and feet if necessary)
  • Cover them with a blanket and tuck them in (mummy style).  Make sure their feet are tucked in loosely.
  • Let them rest a few minutes, sitting quietly with them (do energy work)
  • Remove headphones/blindfold
  • Welcome them back and praise them for being brave/responsive/fun/hot
  • Offer them water and/or chocolate
  • Offer to start the shower for them (if a shower is available for them to use) ~ and walk them to it

*Notes on using the eye pillow (from Lorna)

This eye pillow…or another one, might be a nice way to do it.

with pillow cover

neck pack and eye pillow set

Rest a silk scarf on the pillow under their head … put the eye pillow on, gently tie the scarf over the eye pillow … let the ends float down … and can also be used for sensation when doing the shoulder/neck.  I spoke with Jody at Tara, and the recommendation is to not heat the eye pillows because the eyes are already a source of heat.  The lavender, the peppermint….yum…