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 General Business / Developing Your Personal Brand 

25 Unconventional Business Books That You Won’t Find On Most Business Shelves

50 Tips for Industry Professionals

How To Build Your Personal Brand

How To Create Your Brand And Find Your Voice

How To Make Your Appearance Count

Notes For Baby Sexworkers

Personal Branding For The Sex-Positive Educator

Screening 101



 4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth

7 Mantras For Becoming A Money Magnet

15 Ways Rich People Think Differently

59 Awesome FREE Things To Do

Earn More Freelancing

Happy Price vs Sad Price

Money Beliefs

Tapping For $50,000

When To Display Prices On Your Website


Customer Service /Developing Connections

3 Customer Service Basics to Make Your Business Better

3 Elements Of Charisma: Power

3 Elements Of Charisma:  Presence

3 Elements Of Charisma: Warmth

4 Key Strategies For Building Emotional Connections With Your Customers

5 Things Really Charismatic People Do

5 Tips For Standing Out From The Crowd

5 Tips For Motivating “Wow” In Your Clients

5 Qualities Of Charismatic People

The 5 Very Best Ways to Thrill Your Customers

8 Keys To Instant Charisma

9 Compliments Men Crave

10 Things That Likeable People Do Consistently

15 Techniques To Improve Our Listening

Be Charismatic

Building Rapport

What Is Charisma?

Common Communication Mistakes To Avoid

How To Be More Likeable

How To Be Polite

How To Develop Your Charisma And Become More Likeable

Introverts:  How To Temporarily Tap Into Your Inner Extrovert

Non-Verbal Communication

Personal Appearance

The Art Of Tact And Diplomacy

The Greatest Skill ~ Communication

The Importance Of Mindset


Advertising and Marketing 

 10 Critical Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Boudoir Posing

Creating A Customer Avatar

Dominate Your Industry

Empathy Maps:  A Guide To Crawling Inside Your Customer’s Head

Get In Bed With Your Client

How To Create Deep Connections

How To Define Your Target Market

How To Give A Good Interview

Pomodoro Marketing

The Love Theory:  4 Steps To Forging An Unbeatable Emotional Connection With Your Target Market


Social Media Strategies

 11-Point Checklist For A Healthy Social Media Strategy

50 Tweet Ideas For When You Have Brain Freeze

Social Media Posting Schedule


Life/Work Strategies

8 Sure Ways To Block Positivity

8 Traits of Healthy Relationships

10 Best Mobile Apps for Women’s Safety

10 Tips On How To Feel Beautiful Every Day

17 Tips On How To Get Passion And Inspiration Back Into Your Life

25 Self Care Tips For The Body & Soul

30 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Die

34 Things I’ve Learned About Life and Adventure

55 Self Care Tips


Can You Go 21 Days Without Complaining?

Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

Gentle Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When You’re Busy Busy Busy

Get Off Your Butt:  16 Ways To Get Motivated When You’re In A Slump

How A Dominatrix Does Her Taxes

How To Erase Yourself From The Internet

Shifting Your Energy

Six Ways To Become Re-Inspired

The Stop Doing List

Want To Find Your Purpose But Have No Idea What It Is?  Read This

What To Do After You Have A Breakthrough