19 Sexy Ways to Surrender in Your Bedroom

surrendering-in-the-bedroomRelinquishing Power In Your Bedroom Is The Ultimate Power!

Could your need for feeling in control be holding you back from an intense, connected, and satisfying sex life? Do you want to talk with your lover about adding some B.D.S.M. fun to your sex life? Are you ready to let go, be in the moment, and try adding in some kink into your love life?

Did you know, when exchanging power in your bedroom, that the person who is playing the submissive role has much as much power (or possibly more) as the person who is playing the dominant role? And, did you know that the partner who is playing the dominant role also needs to consider how they are going to nurture their “submissive” and plan for some after-care? All of these things are negotiated beforehand. (Check out our blog “We Want to Be Kinky, How Do We Do That.”) 

Are you worried about asking your partner to dominate you? Do you think it will be embarrassing to let your lover know your desire to “play” as a submissive? I imagine if you are in a healthy relationship, your partner will be turned on by your open communication. 

Are you too shy to BEG for it? Push yourself. Try it. See how your love responds. Leave all of your “to-do lists” somewhere else and beg for some hot sex or a sexy spanking. Forget that you are parents; forget that you have laundry that needs to be put away. Let go of those other identities and get into the headspace of being the Domme or the submissive in the bedroom. 

Have you heard of the term “subspace?” The website defines subspace:

 “This emotional and psychological result is called a “subspace,” and is brought on by an influx of adrenaline and endorphins. Just like an orgasm, a subspace is difficult to explain as it differs person by person, particularly because of the varying emotions, responses, and reactions involved. A common misconception of BDSM scenes is that they only involve physical pain  — such as floggers, whips, ropes, and other tangible objects. For those within a BDSM scene, subspace is an attainable goal that includes a trance-like euphoria of overtly intense emotions.” 

Do You Crave Giving Up Control and Getting Into that Subspace? 

According to a survey done by Durex (the condom people) in 2005 showed that 36% of U.S.couples are in a kinky relationship. (Compared to 20% of couples worldwide.) That survey was done before the book “50 Shades of Grey” became a social phenomenon.  The new research shows that it’s more likely that about 85% of people having kinky sex lives. What are you waiting for?

Not sure how to surrender to your lover?  We have 19 Kinky Tips For You: 

  1. Have a discussion with your lover and let them know what you are thinking. If you are intimate enough to have sex, you should be intimate enough to share your fantasies.
  2. Get ENTHUSIASTIC consent for anything new and kinky. Consent is everything.
  3. Read some kinky erotica together.
  4. Grab your iPad or your laptop and browse some kinky sex toys and sex furniture online.
  5. Look for some blogs online that are focused on kinky couples and BDSM.
  6. Head to a local sex toy store together. (Or, when you are on vacation, check out the local sex toy stores in each city you visit.)
  7. Discuss your limits and boundaries with your lover. Communication is lubrication.
  8. Get a collar to wear when you are feeling in the mood to play submissive. When you put it on, you will signal to your lover and to your own brain that it’s time to get into that headspace.
  9. Buy some lingerie or gear that puts you in that kinky mood.
  10. Sign-up for a BDSM meetup or munch and meet other kinky people. Learn new kinky ideas from them.
  11. Become active members of your local kink community.
  12. Create a profile on FetLife you can both access. Scroll through all of the types of kinks that exist. There are thousands!
  13. Make a bucket list of all of the kinky ideas/themes you two come up with.
  14. Take turns restraining each other to see which role you prefer. Do you prefer being in control or giving up control?
  15. Experiment with some temperature play by drinking some hot tea or some hot chocolate. Then drink a cold glass of ice water and experiment with your cold tongue or hands.
  16. Take some naughty pics with our cell phone when you are home alone and send to your partner to give them some ideas you have in mind. Build up the anticipation.
  17. Invest in some noise canceling headphones for your playroom and play time.
  18. Ask your partner to spank you or paddle you and see if you like it. Switch it up and spank or paddle your partner and see if you prefer receiving or giving.
  19. Remember your aftercare commitment.

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